Hope everyone’s ready for the launch of the 3-Day Headstart of Guild Wars 2! It begins officially in 4 hours, however the servers may come up at any time from 3 hours before the official start time.

We’ll be creating the guild on the Isle of Janthir server, so please message Lady Cometfish or Arius Snakelet in-game if you’d like an invite to the new guild.

Look forward to seeing you there :)


UPDATE: It’s open!! Join us in Isle of Janthir!

Guild Wars 2 Beta Is Awesome!

Post your GW2 char name here to get an invite to the guild :)

Get the pre-purchase of Guild Wars 2 at http://buy.guildwars2.com from April 10th (or at one of the participating stores in your country) and receive:

  • Access to all Guild Wars 2 Beta Weekend Events
  • Three days of Headstart Access
  • Hero’s Band in-game item

Who’s getting it?! I know I am – post in the comments if you’ll be there with me!

Happy Halloween everyone! Don’t forget the Mad King celebrations are on in Guild Wars all this week, so pick up some trick-or-treat bags, or just dance in spooky Lion’s Arch :)

There are also halloween costumes for sale in the NCSoft store, the lich one is particularly impressive.

ArenaNet/NCSoft have just released the Hall of Monuments Rewards Calculator! Type in any of your GW1 character names, and see your account’s progress towards gaining special rewards in GW2, such as armour, pets and minis.

There are 50 points to get, based on having max titles, minipets, elite armours, upgraded heroes and elite weapons displayed in your Hall of Monuments. They don’t need to be all on the one character, so you can dedicate your minis to different characters, and have them all count towards the total.

Only the first 30 points get you special bonus items though, the last 20 points only count towards special titles. There is an awesome forum post over at Guild Wars 2 Guru which describes what you can do to improve your points (if you haven’t already got 50/50 points :D )

Full description of the tool can be found here on the Guild Wars 2 website

Also, if you haven’t checked out the Guild Wars 2 novel “Ghosts of Ascalon” I recommend it :) I got mine from Amazon as an eBook (get it instantly!) – for less than $10.

If you haven’t played GW1 in a while, there are a few new things to do, mainly the War in Kryta, focusing on the war between the Shining Blade and the White Mantle, and also some mini quests for Gwen. You can check it out over at the Guild Wars Wiki on Guild Wars Beyond – be warned, there are spoilers for the quests in the article.

I look forward to seeing everyone back on and earning those points towards GW2!

Stay tuned for a completely new design, website and forum!!

We are hoping to see more than just Guild Wars 2 here – original Guild Wars forums will be restored, and we’ll have brand new forums for Guild Wars, as well as any other games we think you’d like to chat about!